Sharkoon Adds 1337 RGB XL and XXL Soft Mouse Mats

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅21.11.2018 23:59:42

Sharkoon adds XL and XXL sizes of the Sharkoon 1337 RBG mouse mat. The Sharkoon 1337 RGB XL measures 450 x 380mm while the 1337 RGB XXL measures 905 x 425mm, both with 3mm thick soft textile material. The Sharkoon 1337 RGB Gaming Mat features an extremely robust textile surface that’s built for gaming. It has a nonslip rubber base to give it a firm hold on any surface. It is bordered with an RGB strip for discrete illumination. The RGB strip is stitched on with transparent nylon that gives an eye-catching glow.

Soft Gaming Mat with RGB Illumination

The Sharkoon 1337 RGB is an expansion of the popular 1337 series mouse mat, now with an eye-catching RGB illumination. The robust textile surface features an optimum glide with the mouse peripheral to aide gaming.


The Sharkoon 1337 RGB Soft mouse mat comes with a built-in RGB controller that doesn’t require software installation. Users simply use the single button found on the built-in RGB controller to customise RGB lighting and select from three different lighting modes. The built-in RGB controller is only 9mm in height which doesn’t tangle with wire gaming mice.

Today, the Sharkoon 1337 RGB Soft Mouse Mat is available in three different sizes to cater to the different needs and preferences of gamers. The previously released Large variant measures 359 x 279 x 3mm, the newly added XL and XXL measure 450 x 380 x 3 mm and 905 x 425 x 3 mm respectively, MSRP of 27.99EUR for the XL size and 34.99EUR for the XXL mouse mat. Learn more about the Sharkoon 1337 RGB Soft Mouse Mats here.

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