Sharkoon Celebrates 20 Years with a Limited Edition Mouse Mat

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Sharkoon celebrates its 20th year anniversary in the industry. To celebrate this milestone, Sharkoon launches a very special limited-edition mouse mat – only 2023 pieces. The mouse mat’s design highlights the brand’s bestsellers throughout the years.

Press Release
In 2023, the PC-gaming manufacturer Sharkoon celebrates its 20-year anniversary. Since the founding of Sharkoon on 17 April 2003, the fast-paced PC and gaming industry has seen constant change, with countless trends that have come and gone. It was this flow of trends that inspired Sharkoon to always respond flexibly, with a constantly fresh range of products, in order to meet the prevailing needs for the growing scene of gaming and case modding. Thanks to this flair for innovation and its continual responsiveness to its customers, the manufacturer from the German region of Hesse is now present across the whole world. The 20-year success story began with a small glow in the PC cases of enthusiastic modding pioneers: an illuminated PC case cable that was soon to become the first commercial Sharkoon product known as the "Luminous IDE Round Cable".

In the following years, thousands of otherwise dull PC cases were being transformed into personalized, colorfully lit gaming computers thanks to illuminated cables and cold cathode fluorescent lamps, so-called CCFLs. This was a trend that has come back in recent years in the form of RGB illumination, which is now ever present within the Sharkoon product range.

In addition to illuminated case-modding accessories, Sharkoon also continuously developed its range and presented, for example, the "Luminous Keyboard", the first illuminated keyboard in Europe. Soon, new product developments followed in quick succession: Sharkoon presented the "Silvation", its first PC case; then it brought the popular "SilentEagle" fan series onto the market and impressed with innovations such as the PC "Jump Start", a convenient remote control with which the PC could be switched on easily. With the Dolby-certified X-Tatic headset series, Sharkoon was also able to make itself present within the gaming console market, and the company even made it to Hollywood in the movie "Noobz"! Over the years, Sharkoon has always remained true to its customer-oriented credo of combining high quality and super performance with a fair price.

To duly celebrate its 20th anniversary together with the gaming community, the manufacturer will launch several exciting campaigns on its social media channels over the course of the year. To begin with, Sharkoon has announced a new mouse mat that is limited to 2,023 pieces for the anniversary year 2023. The "20 Years Limited Edition Mouse Mat" will have a unique look in which a serial number is already included in the design. The ownership of this mouse mat gives entitlement to enter the company's big anniversary giveaway scheduled for 11th October - with lots of prizes.

Further details on the limited-edition mouse mat and anniversary promotions will be announced on the manufacturer's social media channels over the next few weeks.

Sharkoon 20 Years Limited Edition Mouse Mat

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