Silicon Power Presents AIC30P NVMe PCIe AIC SSD

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅30.05.2018 17:05:18

Silicon Power discretely adds the AIC30P Industrial-grade PCIe solid-state drive in an add-in-card (AIC) form factor. It uses the PCI-express Gen3x4 interface and is compliant with NVMe Express 1.2 standards to deliver maximum sequential read speeds of up to 3200MB/s and maximum sequential write speeds of 1850MB/s. It comes with a full suite of data protection and security features. Being industrial-grade, the Silicon Power AIC30P has a wider operating temperature from 0°C to 55°C.

The Silicon Power AIC3C0P NVMe SSD uses MLC flash and comes in three different capacities – 800GB, 1600GB and 3200GB. The AIC3C0P also comes equipped with Advanced PFP technology and End-to-End Data Protection features along with support for data security with AES 256 encryption for data integrity and protection. It also supports the SP Toolbox SMART health monitoring software that’s exclusively developed for Silicon Power solid-state drives and industrial flash products.

SP Toolbox SMART

The SP Toolbox SMART software offers helpful features including View Drive Information, View S.M.A.R.T. Status, Wear Out Count, Block Information, Diagnostic Scan, Performance Test and Secure Erase.

Models and Capacity
SP800GIAIC3C1PV0 ~ 800GB
SP016TIAIC3C1PV0 ~ 1600GB
SP032TIAIC3C1PV0 ~ 3200GB

No information on pricing and availability as of this writing. For more information, visit the SP AIC3C0P NVMe AIC SSD product page.

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