SilverStone Adds New Fan Filter Solutions

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅04.04.2022 23:54:32

SilverStone adds three new fan filter solutions compatible with most desktop cases. The new fan filters are the SilverStone FF145 is a 140mm x 2 magnetic fan filter, the SilverStone FF146 is a 140mm x 3 fan filter, and the FF181 is a 180mm fan filter. The FF181 is perfect for some of SilverStone’s cases that use 180mm fans. The FF145 and FF146 are suitable for the case’s top panel vents or bottom intake vents that don’t have fan filters. These are also the ideal replacements for worn-out fan filters.

Key Features
- Convenient magnetized design for easy installation
- Ultra-fine filter provides great dust reduction properties
- Compatible with most case vents (3x140mm/2x140mm/180mm)

Fan filters are important components of your desktop chassis that keep the interior clean. SilverStone’s new fan filter solutions are compatible with most desktop cases made of metal. The fan filters use PVC magnetic frames for easy installation in any case, either interior or exterior, making maintenance and cleaning easy. The fan filters use an ultra-fine nylon mesh filter that effectively traps dust and other particles.

To learn more, please visit the product page links below.
SilverStone FF145 (2x140mm)
SilverStone FF146 (3x140mm)
SilverStone FF181 (180mm)

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