SilverStone Also Release The Tundra TD02-E / TD03-E CPU Cooler

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This week SilverStone are launching a pair of new Tundra-Series Closed Loop Liquid Cooler, joining a crowded market with plenty of healthy competition. The TD02-E and TD03-E are 120mm and 240mm radiator models which both supporting a full range of AMD and Intel socket types (including the latest Haswell-E and FM2+), assuring compatibility with a whole host of PC configurations.

SilverStone claim one feature as the chief breakthrough showcased by the new Tundra-class CPU coolers - an all alloy waterblock. In contrast to competing designs the TD02-E/TD03-E water block is composed of copper base and aluminium (rather than plastic) body, making it significantly more durable overall. Furthermore the design also eliminates screws from the mounting mechanism, making it both easier and (it's claimed) improving cooling performance.

Both 120mm and 240mm radiators have also been tweaked slightly, this time to make use of a brazing fin design similar to those on the top performing air coolers. In theory this will improve heat transfer efficiency by over 40% compared to traditional designs. The complementing fans are SilverStone's own 120mm PWM design.

Key features for the TD02-E/TD03-E are as follows:

Easy installation with aluminum clips and steel back-plate

Maintenance free, no refill required

Dual (TD02-E) auto adjustable 120mm PWM fans included

Durable alloy water-block for improved reliability

Patented brazing fins radiator increase cooling efficiency by 40%

Socket LGA775/1150/1155/1156/1366/2011/AM2/AM3/FM1/FM2

The recommended End User price (excl. VAT) for the 240mm form factor TD02-E is $100.21 (USD), whilst the 120mm TD03-E will retail for $87.81. The coolers should be available from today (25th February).

Further information can be found here:

TD02-E -
TD03-E -

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