SilverStone Introduces Essential Series PSUs and FSR202 Front Panel Storage

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅04.05.2017 14:57:06

SilverStone introduces new products as COMPUTEX 2017 is coming close. First off, SilverStone expands its power supply line and introduces the 80PLUS bronze certified Essential Series power supplies. SilverStone also introduces the FSR202 Front Panel Storage.

SilverStone Essential Series PSUs

The Essential Series power supplies provide the basic power source without the compromise. It has all the necessary safety features along with certification for efficiency. Available in two wattage capacities, 550w and 650w models, the Essential Series provides the best value and performance for your money power supply option today.

It has 80PLUS Bronze efficiency certification wherein it is guaranteed to provide 80% efficiency of above in all workloads. It also has the class-leading single +12V rail for stability and consistency. Built with the top quality components, the SilverStone Essential Series power supplies can deliver 24/7 continuous operations with 40C operating temperature.

For aesthetics and easier cable management, the Essential Series power supplies uses flat all-black cables. It offers flexibility needed in routing the cables in your system and stealth with its all-black cable design, great for aesthetics-conscious builders.

SilverStone FSR202 Front Panel Storage

SilverStone expands its front panel storage offerings with the new FSR202 featuring a single 5.25-inch front bay enclosure that houses two 2.5-inch SATA III 6Gb/s drives. With the FSR202, you can hot swap drives quickly and also configure the two drives in RAID 0 / 1 function. It has a user-friendly LCD with LED indicators and for added safety, the drive bays are secured with a metal key lock.

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