SilverStone Technology Launches TP06 PS5-Compatible M.2 SSD Heatsink

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅31.03.2022 23:23:12

SilverStone Technology introduces the TP06 PlayStation 5-compatible M.2 SSD heatsink. The TP06 is specially designed to perfectly fit and maximize the space of the PS5 M.2 SSD storage expansion slot. The heatsink is made of aluminium alloy littered with grooves to increase surface area and enhance heat dissipation. The SilverStone TP06 is the perfect solution for using M.2 NVMe SSDs without a passive heatsink out of the box. The TP06s maximized dimensions and surface area deliver superior cooling over built-in heatsinks that are smaller.

SilverStone TP06 Features
- Perfectly conforms to the PS5 console design, replacing the original M.2 SSD slot cover
- Acts as M.2 SSD cooling heatsink and slot cover, providing an exit for heat transfer
- Aluminium alloy body provides great heat dissipation efficiency
- Precise design ensuring full-coverage contact with M.2 SSD
- Simple and fast installation

SilverStone Technology is yet to reveal the pricing of the TP06 PS5-compatible M.2 SSD heatsink. For more information, please visit SilverStone Technology.

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