SilverStone's ML07 is a small case with a lot of room

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅14.05.2014 14:22:56

SilverStone's RAVEN RVZ01 chassis is a small form factor case unlike any other before it. With this in mind it seems only fitting that SilverStone would use this case as a basis for its new revolutionary Mini-ITX HTPC case.

The Milo ML07 is compact but has room for some decent hardware.

Utilizing an advanced layout designed for maximum performance and a PCI-E riser, the slim, 14 liter ML07 is capable of housing the biggest consumer graphics card on the market and the ability to support liquid cooling. Designed for use in either vertical or horizontal orientation, it can be placed comfortably in any space-constrained home theatre environment that requires a powerful PC. For those looking to build a cleanly-styled HTPC with gaming or more powerful components in a small form factor, the ML07 is the perfect solution.

When you consider the size of this case it is impressive that it can fit a 13 inch dual slot GPU in it as well as 3 120mm fans, 1 3.5 inch HDD and 3 2.5 inch HDD/SSDs.

It also looks amazing. See for yourself.

There's no word on pricing yet but this should be available for purchase soon. We'll keep you posted if we hear more. In the meantime, tell us what you think. Is this a case your interested in or something you'll happily leave behind?


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