Singularity Showcase Designs Join OCUK Premium Cooling Range

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OverclockersUK are this week broadening their already comprehensive range of PC system chassis and water cooling components to include new designs from Australian premium manufacturer Singularity Computers, available to preorder today. After flying under the radar despite gorgeous case configurations and unique cooling solutions, Singularity can now be found at one of the UK's biggest specialist PC retailers.

If you’re a fan of high quality, unique modded PC systems with an emphasis on aesthetics then Singularity is a name you should pay attention to. Their extensive range of products include reservoirs, distro plates, water-cooled PC cases and seemingly everything in-between, emphasising the art of modding to create a statement piece style all your own. Take, for instance, these two showcases as your starting point:

Wraith Mini ITX

The Singularity Computers Wraith is a stunning mini-ITX case with extensive custom water cooling options. The compact chassis has an integrated distribution plate that acts as a motherboard tray and transparent acrylic glass panelling to show off the interior. Plus, in common with many other chassis intended for system showcases at LANs, expos and the like, the graphics card is displayed vertically by default.

Key features of the Wraith Mini ITX case include:

- Mini-ITX form factor support
- Integrated Distro-Plate
- Side parts made of transparent acrylic glass
- Included vertical GPU holder and riser cable
- Accommodates up to two 240mm radiators
- Installation of up to 13 SSDs and one HDD possible at the same time


Specter 2.0

Singularity's Specter 2.0 flips the script by supporting much larger form factor motherboards, pushing compatibility up to EATX. Extensive water cooling support is a primary concern, with an integrated distro plate once again doubling as the motherboard tray but with additional compatibility for radiators up to 360mm in size. Much of the panelling is made up of transparent acrylic glass but two faces are manufactured from anodised aluminium, lending it a unique appearance even without components installed.

Like the Wraith, the Specter 2.0 orients the graphics card vertically and includes a riser cable to support this orientation. Its one major restriction is storage, where the design can only handle three 2.5" SSD without further modding. The case is available with either black or white metallic components, depending on your requirements.

Singularity Computer Specter 2.0 Midi-Towers key features:

- Up to E-ATX form factor support (up to 285mm)
- Mid-tower footprint
- Huge Distro-Plate transparent acrylic glass
- Vertical GPU mount and riser cable
- Can hold two 360 mm radiators at the same time (front and top)
- Space for three 2.5-inch drives

Both the Wraith and Specter 2.0 are premium chassis with integrated water cooling support, and are priced as such. Just like their aesthetics, they have a lot in common with boutique and bespoke solutions in that regard.

Premium Watercooling Components

Singularity's cooling solutions go beyond the strong foundation of premium showcases to also include a full range of high spec, tightly engineered water-cooling components. When building a unique PC you need as many options as possible, and their large and versatile product range allows for this. Everything you need to realise a stunning high-quality custom loop has a home within the lineup, with plenty of choice when it comes to tubing, reservoirs, pumps and distro plates.

The entire range of over eighty watercooling components can be found here.

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