SiSoft Sandra 2012 SP1 Optimized for New CPUs

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07.12.2011 19:35:51

The latest SP1 update to SiSoft Sandra 2012 include fixes to Cryptography and memory bandwidth benches for latest CPUs such as AMD's Bulldozer and Intel's Sandy Bridge-E as well as being ready for future generation products like AMD's Piledriver cores and Intels Ivy Bridge. There are new features such as displaying IPC (Instructions per clock) in all benchmarks which will help identify benefits and flaws in the tested CPUs architecture.

Other improvements include

* AVX2 and further FMA3/FMA4 support: Dhrystone AVX2, Multi-Media FMA3/FMA4/AVX2, Memory/Cache Bandwidth AVX2.

* Export all User Benchmark Results with 1 click (thanks Michael S @ Lost Circuits).

* AMD GP(GPU) Bandwidth fix for Catalyst 11.9+ drivers (not sure reason for change but not getting fixed so worked around it).

You can download the latest Sandra 2012 SP1 here


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