Some questions about combat in Dragon Age: Inquisition answered

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅25.08.2014 12:08:44

The developers at Bioware working on Dragon Age: Inquisition have answered questions about the game from their followers on Twitter. The questions were focused around the games combat, something only shown and talked about briefly.

Some interesting points to come out of this is how Bioware are running with the concept of a "finishing" move.

No finishing blows; however, many of our damaging abilities are built to have a "good" way to use them, and a "better" way to use them. Mighty Blow is a massive overhead strike available to two-handed warriors that deals damage and knocks a foe to the ground—but if you use it on a foe already on the ground, it deals triple damage.

Another interesting change is that Mages will focus more on defensive abilities rather than healing. There will be healing spells but they are rare leaving alchemy as the prime way to regain health.

Some questions were tactfully avoided which means there are still a few details they want to keep secret for now.

It is starting to look more like Inquisition will make up for the downfalls of DA2 and we are excited to get our hands on it.


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