Sony Enters The Consumer SSD Market

👤by Noah Cunning Comments 📅05.02.2016 01:39:52

Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has finally entered the consumer SSD market with its new line of SLW-M series drives.

Sony has been selling consumer SSDs in Japan for some time now, the SLW-M is the first sony SSD to be released internationally. The SLW-M drive comes in the 7mm 2.5 inch form-factor and utilizes the SATA 6 Gb/s interface. As far as size goes the SLW-M comes in only 2 sizes, 240GB and 480GB respectively.

These drives reportedly use a rebranded Phison S10 series controller and are using Toshiba A19 TLC NAND flash. On Sony’s product page for the SLW-M it specifies the drive can reach sequential read speeds up to 560 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 530 MB/s. Sony is bundling Acronis True Image 2015 HD license, a 9.5mm spacer, and Sony SSD Toolbox drive management software along with the SLW-M series.

Specs from the sony website

Instantly upgrade your PCs performance and responsiveness by replacing your existing HDD to this solid-state drive (SSD). Enjoy a huge reduction in program launch and save times. The data cloning application and the Sony SSD Toolbox helps initial and ongoing monitoring.

-Up to 560/530MB/s respective sequential read and write speeds
-Free access to Acronis True image 2015 HD and Sony SSD ToolBox for managing and saving your data

-Available in storage capacities up to 480GB

-Compatible with SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s) interfaces

-7mm slim design (9.5mm spacer supplied)

Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D) 69.85 x 7 x 100 mm

Weight Approx. 50 ~ 60g

SOURCE: Tech Power Up

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