SPC Gear Floor Pads Provide the Perfect Base for Gaming Chairs

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅21.10.2020 14:58:51
Press Release

SPC Gear, a gaming label of SilentiumPC, presents the new SP Gear Floor Pads providing an excellent floor surface for your gaming area under gaming chairs. The Floor Pads are available in two sizes: 90x90cm (90S) and 120x90cm (120R) and fits all common gaming environments. The SP Gear Floor Pads are designed to protect floor surfaces from damages and scratches caused by gaming chair caster wheels. The Floor Pads also give gaming chairs a more secure hold and prevents slipping.

The SPC Gear Floor Pads are made of durable PVC material that holds firmly to the floor. The Floor Pads also improved comfort and allows the gaming chair to move smoothly and quietly across the mat. The Floor Pads are also water-repellent making them easy to clean.

Excellent Protection

The SPC Gear Floor Pads provide excellent protection to your flooring from wear, scratches, and damages caused by gaming chair wheels. The Floor Pads is suitable to all types of flooring including plank wood, wood parquet, and ceramic tiles.

Optimal Grip

SPC Gear Floor Pads provide extra grip with its non-slip bottom side that sticks to the floor’s surface. This ensures the Floor Pad will not move as the chair wheels roll smoothly and safely.

Reduce Noise Level

The durable surface of the Floor Pads effectively reduce noises as the chair moves across the surface.

The new SPC Gear Floor Pads are available from today at online stores and retailers.
SPC Gear Floor Pad 90S | 90x90cm: 29,90 €
SPC Gear Floor Pad 120R | 120x90cm: 38,90 €

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