SPC Gear Introduces GEM Plus Ultralight Mouse

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅11.08.2021 15:47:51
Press Release

SPC Gear introduces the GEM Plus ultralight gaming mouse with a cutting-edge PixArt PWM3370 sensor, designed to meet the demanding needs of professional esport athletes and competitive gamers. The SPC Gear GEM Plus only weighs 67 grams and packs a 19000 DPI sensor. The GEM Plus is capable of tracking within a lift-off distance of 1mm to 2mm. The ultralight mouse comes fitted with durable Kailh GM 8.0 micro-switches with a rated lifespan of 80 million clicks. It is also fitted with a soft and flexible paracord-like braises cable for smooth gliding on surfaces.

Built To Perform
The SilentiumPC Gear GEM Plus ultralight mouse is packed with premium components to deliver performance when needed. The PixArt PMW3370 sensor can deliver speeds of up to 10.16 m/s, capable of supporting the fastest flicks with superb tracking accuracy.

Personalize and Adjust For Victory
The GEM Plus ultralight mouse features a Lift-Off Distance (LOD) adjustment within the 1mm to 2mm range. This enables users to enable tracking even when the mouse is off the surface. Furthermore, users can also adjust DPI settings from 50 to 19000 with superb accuracy.

Fast and Durable Switches
The GEM Plus ultralight mouse comes equipped with the Kailh GM 8.0 microswitches which only takes 2ms to register clicks. The microswitches are also rated for up to 80 million clicks.

Lightweight and Premium Construction
The SPC Gear GEM Plus uses an ultralight construction having triangular holes in the chassis. Nevertheless, the mouse doesn’t compromise in components and aesthetics with its performance PTFE skates and ARGB backlighting.

Pricing and Availability
The SPC Gear GEM Plus ultralight mouse is available from today with an MSRP of €44.99.

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