SPC Gear Revise Their SR300F Gaming Chairs, Emphasising Comfort But Retaining 'Sporty' Looks

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30.10.2019 - Warsaw, Poland - SPC Gear, the gaming label of the European manufacturer SilentiumPC, presents its improved gaming chairs. The new, second revision of the SR300F gaming chairs offers an even higher sitting comfort and is equipped with optimized wheels as well as armrests. The label "F" in the name refers to the new fabric cover, which is permeable to air and provides benefits in warm environments. SPC Gear offers the SR300F V2 gaming chairs in stylish all-black and sporty "red-black" versions. The SPC Gear SR300F V2 gaming chairs convince not only by their well-tuned appearance and numerous features, but also by their competitive price of €169 (MSRP).

Bucket Design

The SR300F V2 gaming chair covers have been carefully chosen to match the high quality and sporty bucket design. The SR300F V2 versions make use of a particularly robust fabric and provides air exchange. The fabric is utilizing a special weave, which prevents users from "sticking" to the chair, which is especially useful in warm environments.

Increased Durability and Stability

The stability of a chair plays a decisive role in everyday use and has a great influence on sitting comfort. For this reason, SPC Gear relies on a robust steel construction supported by elastic straps for the new SR300F V2 gaming chairs. A class 4 cylinder is used for the tilting mechanism, which is able to withstand a static load of up to 150 kilograms. Durability is further enhanced thanks to the larger wheels, designed for people weighing up to 120 kg.

Versatile Adjustment Options

The bucket design gaming chairs not only offer a good support when sitting, they can also be adjusted to suit your own preferences. The backrest can be adjusted from 90 up to 170 degrees. The entire chair, including the seat, can also be reclined backwards by up to 18 degrees. Furthermore, the SR300F V2 can be adjusted in height from 47 to 54,5 cm and is therefore suitable for people with a height of 165 to 185 cm. The 2D armrests are adjustable individually in height using a lever. The resistance, which counteracts tilting, can be reduced or increased, depending on the user’s preference.

Including two matching Cushions

For even more comfort and a supported sitting posture, SPC Gear supplies two seat cushions that can be attached to the SR300F V2 gaming chairs. The larger cushion supports the spine in the lumbar region. The second cushion can be placed in the neck area for more comfort when leaning back.

The SPC Gear SR300F V2 Gaming Chairs are available from today at online stores and retailers for €169.00 (incl. VAT).

Model, Pricing & Warranty

SPC Gear SR300F V2 Red - SPG038 - 2 Years - €169.00*
SPC Gear SR300F V2 Black - SPG037 2 Years - €169.00*

*MSRP, incl. VAT/Taxes.

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