Speedlink Introduce ORIOS Series Peripherals, Including Opto-Mechanical Switches

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Speedlink's ORIOS RGB Gaming Mouse

Weertzen, September 5th 2018: Right on time for the IFA, gaming accessories specialist Speedlink presents its ORIOS series – a premium range of RGB products. Thanks to a stunning range of features, including programmable lighting modes, gamers will now be able to immerse their desktop in up to 16.7 million colours with a gaming mouse, two mousepads and two keyboards to choose from. The centrepiece of the range is a keyboard with opto-mechanical switches.

Even though conventional rubber dome keyboards do a great everyday job, keyboards with mechanical keys are a touch more easier to use and accurate where it really counts. In the hardcore gaming sector, mechanical keys are often the deciding factor between victory or defeat. Opto-mechanical switches are the latest tech trend as they are incredibly accurate and extremely durable – even when taking a hammering during gaming. Instead of metal contacts, opto-mechanical switches use an infrared light barrier. When the key is actuated, this action is registered precisely and with zero lag, plus there’s virtually no wear and tear as the contacts no longer rub against each other.

ORIOS RGB Opto-mechanical Gaming Keyboard

“We attach great importance to meeting our customers’ varying needs, including when it comes to keyboards. For everyday desktop use, our standard keyboards are perfect for the job. That said, it is also extremely important to us to help our customers achieve their personal best on the PC such as when battling it out in the tough world of esports. The opto-mechanical switches offer top-level precision, actuation speed and durability”, explained Rainer Nawratil, Senior Product Manager at Speedlink.

But Speedlink is going one step further and equipping its keyboard with programmable illumination and a choice of 16.7 million colours. The colours can be displayed in different modes and customised to suit the gamer’s personal preferences. These include interactive modes such as the spectacular Raindrop Effect where the colourful light spreads out across the keyboard.

Professional gaming features such as anti-ghosting with n-key rollover testify to the experience Speedlink has drawn directly from its collaboration with leading esports teams.

The keyboard has a detachable wrist rest for ergonomic comfort, and the software-programmable macro and key functions deliver a truly customisable gaming experience.

The ORIOS RGB Gaming Mouse with its configurable RGB illumination also delivers a breathtaking light show. Its seven programmable buttons enable gamers to personalise the mouse to suit their unique gaming style. With their own macros and the high-end Pixart 3325 gaming sensor, which boasts an interpolated sensor resolution of up to 10,000dpi, gamers can respond perfectly to any situation – with the mouse remaining safely in their hand thanks to its rubberised finish.

ORIOS Metal Gaming Keyboard

Those looking for the ultimate light show will find it in the RGB-illuminated mousepad to accompany the mouse and keyboard combo. The ORIOS RGB Gaming Mousepad combines eye-catching light effects with maximum gaming comfort. Thanks to its micro-texture finish the mouse will glide virtually friction free for effortless movement. The light effects can also be programmed to suit, glowing in nine varied and eye-catching modes.

“With our illuminated ORIOS RGB products we aim to give gamers the chance to personalise what goes on off-screen to match the on-screen action. This takes the gaming experience to a whole new level, plus makes everything simply more fun”, added Rainer.

At the same time Speedlink will also be launching a multicoloured illuminated LED keyboard and a multicoloured LED mousepad under the ORIOS name. These products will also enhance the gaming experience with colourful light effects and a choice of different modes. And what’s really handy: the keyboard features a smartphone holder – so never again will gamers miss messages or calls.

ORIOS LED Gaming Mousepad

Features & Pricing

ORIOS RGB Gaming Mousepad

Article number: SL-620100-BK
Professional gaming mousepad with RGB lighting
Side, logo and product name lighting with 9 modes
16.7 million software-configurable colours
Tough micro-texture finish for total control
Optimised for all optical and laser sensors
Anti-skid pads on the base
USB-A connector
Dimensions: 350 × 250 × 4.3mm (W × D × H)
Cable length: 1.8m
Weight: 758g
RRP: €39.99

ORIOS LED Gaming Mousepad

Article number: SL-620105-BK
Illuminated gaming mousepad
Side LED lighting with four colour modes (red, green, blue, pulsating)
Soft, smooth textile surface for minimal friction
Optimised for all optical and laser sensors
Anti-skid rubberised backing
USB-A connector
Dimensions: 350 × 270 × 4mm (W × D × H)
Cable length: 1.4m
Weight: 238g
RRP: €39.99

ORIOS RGB Gaming Mousepad

ORIOS Metal Gaming Keyboard

Article number: SL-670003-BK
Ultra-efficient gaming keyboard with multicoloured LED lighting
4 key-backlighting modes
12 multifunction keys for direct access to critical functions
Anti-ghosting with 19-key rollover
Colour-coded WASD and arrow keys
Sturdy and robust metal frame
Practical smartphone holder
Anti-skid base
Connection: USB-A
Dimensions: 421 × 143 × 25mm (W × D × H)
Cable length: 1.4m
Weight: 866g
RRP: €39.99

ORIOS RGB Opto-mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Article number: SL-670010-BK
Professional opto-mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting
Opto-mechanical keys for durability and rapid command entry
Linear keystroke (silent travel)
9 configurable key and frame illumination modes (expandable using the driver)
16.7 million colours
Software-programmable macros and keys
Extreme anti-ghosting with n-key rollover
Anti-skid base
Sturdy and robust metal surface
Detachable wrist rest
Keycap remover
Connection: USB-A
Dimensions: approx. 453 × 204 × 51mm (W × D × H)
Cable length: approx. 1.8m
Weight: 1,091g
RRP: €99.99

ORIOS RGB Gaming Mouse

USB gaming mouse with RGB lighting
Configurable side, logo and scroll wheel lighting with 16.7 million colours
7 programmable buttons with macro support
High-end 5,000dpi (up to 10,000dpi interpolated) Pixart 3325 gaming sensor
1,000Hz polling rate
Onboard memory for 5 profiles
Rubberised non-slip finish for maximum grip
Ultra-smooth glide feet
DPI switch
Connection: USB-A
Dimensions: 128 × 70 × 39mm (L × W × H)
Cable length: 1.8m
Weight: 95g
RRP: €49.99

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