SquareEnix Outline PC Perks For Sleeping Dogs

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The Sleeping Dogs demo was a highlight of E3 this year, coming from well under the radar to steal the show in the view of many in the industry. Most surprising of all was the release date: August 2012. Well, August is finally upon us and a week before the release date (the 17th) Square Enix have detailed the PC system requirements and additional features which will be coming exclusively to the platform.

Already known is the Team Fortress 2 pre-order bonus: hats! Okay, not just hats: the TF2 Triad Pack brings perks such as new weapons and items for fun and frolics in the free-to-play FPS, just for pre-ordering the title. In terms of Sleeping Dogs itself, a PC purchase will include:

Advanced PC Features
Nvidia 3D Support
Nvidia Multi Screen Monitor Support
AMD EyeFinity Multi-Monitor Gold Status Support
Window and Full Screen Mode Support
Benchmark Mode

DirectX11 Specific Features
Contact hardening shadows
Use of Direct Compute

Performance Enhancements
Enhanced Performance on Dual Core and Quad Core Processors
Enhanced Performance on Nvidia SLi
Enhanced Performance on AMD Crossfire

Mouse, Keyboard, and Controller Support
Xbox360 Controller Support
Keyboard and Mouse Support including Key Remapping
Auto Pad, Mouse and Keyboard Switching

Advanced PC Graphic Features
Increased Small Object Detail
High Resolution Texture Support
High Resolution Shadows
High Quality Shadow Filters
Soft Particles
High Quality SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion)
High Quality Motion Blur
Super Sample Anti-Aliasing

Steamworks Features Supported
DLC Support
Auto Patching
Store Save Games to the Cloud
Player to Player Chat

If all this can be brought to the table Sleeping Dogs would represent one of the most well supported multi-platform releases (from a PC perspective) for some time, and a cut above the usual fare.

Recommended specs are quite substantial as you might expect, though the minimums are modest enough to encompass most gaming PCs built in the past few years. A Quad-core CPU is almost a given these days, but a recommended spec of a GTX560 or AMD HD6950 /w 1GB video memory is higher than most - especially on the AMD end.

The game is available on pre-order for 29.99 via the Steam Store, and presently has an additional 10% reduction bringing it down to 26.99.

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