Star Wars Battlefront II Beta Opens This October

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Star Wars Battlefront II is coming soon this November but if you can’t wait to jump into the game, a Beta phase will be launched this October. Take part in the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta to get hands-on with the game and help EA provide the best player experience before the official launch.

Watch the Star Wars Battlefront II trailer below:

Beta Test Stage

During the Beta stage, EA invites a large-scale of testers to play specific parts of the pre-release version of the game. This will give gamers early access and experience the game hands-on while EA tests stability of their servers and the game itself. Feedback will also be asked from the players. To reach as much beta players as possible, the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta is open to players on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Beta version will only be available in the English language.

Beta Stage Period

The open Beta for Star Wars Battlefront II runs from October 6-9, 2017. Players that pre-ordered by October 1 gets 2 days early access to the Beta and can play from October 4.

Beta Stage Game Content

During the Beta stage, players can join in the Galactic Assault on Naboo, either defending or invading the city of Theed. Players can also try out space combat in Starfighter Assault by taking part in multi-stage battles using customizable Starfighters from three distinctive classes.

Watch a preview action of the Starfighter Assault gameplay below:

How to Join Beta Stage

To get early access to the Beta (from October 4), pre-order Star Wars Battlefront II by October 1. Pre-orders available at Origin, the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store.

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