Update External Video Range With The USB2DVI 3

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Northampton, UK – November 7th, 2011 -, a leading manufacturer of hard-to-find connectivity parts has announced the release of the (SKU: USB2VGAE3) USB to VGA Adapter and the (SKU: USB2DVIE3) USB to DVI Adapter which support high resolutions (1920x1200) and are optimized for web browsing and office application performance.

The new adapters have been added to’s extensive line of USB Video Adapters, which enable users to add dual display or multi-monitor capability to a desktop or laptop computer through USB, eliminating the need to open the computer case in order to install a secondary or specialized (multi-head) video card.

“The USB2VGAE3 and USB2DVIE3 are the newest USB 2.0 to VGA and USB to DVI adapters in the lineup” said John Mardinly, Senior Product Manager for “Our focus for these adapters was to provide USB video adapters that are capable of supporting high resolutions and deliver exceptional performance for web browsing and office applications. The new adapters are easy to install, and do not require users to take apart their system which could void the computer manufacturers’ warranties.”

Features and benefits of the new USB video adapters include:

* Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200
* Suitable for both desktop and laptop computers (require USB connection)
* Powered through host USB connection; no power adapter required
* Small form factor design ensures maximum portability
* Simple installation, making it easy to add secondary or multiple monitors to a computer system
* USB2DVIE3 includes a DVI to VGA adapter, enabling use as either a USB to DVI or USB to VGA adapter

The USB to VGA (USB2VGAE3) and USB to DVI (USB2DVIE3) video adapters are slated as eventual replacements for two of’s earlier releases from their lineup of USB Video adapters, the USB2VGA and USB2VGA2.

The USB2DVIE3 is available for purchase from leading technology resellers including, Insight, Amazon, and and is distributed by Ingram Micro, EntaTech and Micro-P. RRP for the USB to VGA Adapter is £69.99 and RRP for the USB to DVI Adapter is £71.99 in the UK.

More details about these new products can be found at: (VGA Adapter) or (DVI Adapter).

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