Steam Introduces The Steam Interactive Recommender

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅19.03.2020 19:56:45
Press Release

Steam introduces the Steam Interactive Recommender, an intelligent feature that determines the userís preferences based on patterns of play using the power of machine learning. Using powerful tag-based filters, the Steam Interactive Recommender can give a list of game titles that will fit your preferences in games. Users can also select their own balance of popular games or niche, recent or classic titles, and other filters that will help users find the right games to play.

Originally named the ďSteam Labs Experiment 002: Interactive RecommenderĒ, recommendations will be generated by the system and will appear on the userís store homepage. Use the Explore and Customize button to access the full Interactive Recommender where users can adjust parameters and save settings to acquire different recommendations.

You can access the Interactive Recommender by visiting, or find it in the Your Store menu.

How It Works

The Interactive Recommender uses a machine learning model that is trained based on the playtime histories of millions of Steam users. The recommender is now affected by reviews or tags. It finds games that are played by similar gamers like you that you havenít tried yet. Using the recommender, you can easily find the most relevant content or make more informed choices. Do note that the Interactive Recommender will not replace the existing content discovery systems, but rather an addition to the variety of ways Steam recommends games to players.

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