Steam's Summer Sale 2019 Gets Underway

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅25.06.2019 19:49:11

In today's landscape of free games, massive digital sales and all-inclusive subscriptions the Steam Summer Sale may now seem like a big deal, but it remains a calendar event for PC Gaming as a whole. Major savings are of course commonplace throughout, but the real gems are some of those titles we missed in prior years that can now be acquired for bargain-basement prices. And so we return to the Steam Summer Sale, adding to videogame libraries both small and large; maybe this time we'll start playing them.

Steam's Summer 2019 Sale takes advantage of the Steam front page redesign to highlight three major titles, and seven more just below which should cover a wide variety of genre tastes. Much more space has been given to other sale items as you scroll down, including separation by genre and size of saving, rather than the standard 'new releases' chart which was so often clogged with DLC or redundant expansion packs. A further section helps you browse through popular franchises which also see major savings. It seems likely that the games shown will be changed up regularly as the Sale progresses, giving you all the excuse you need to keep coming back.

Of course, a Steam Sale doesn't feel like a real Steam Sale unless it has some wacky user contribution element for badges and opportunities to win free games from your Wishlist. This year it's the Steam Grand Prix, which gives you an opportunity to choose a team and contribute towards 'races' from which members of the winning team may be awarded a free game. Contributions are made by completing 'quests', in-game achievements from both games in your library and those on sale, encouraging you to reconnect with old titles you may have lost touch with or try something completely new.

As you contribute to your team's successes you will earn tokens, which can be redeemed at the Grand Prix Pit Stop for Steam cosmetics and even more money off your next game purchase.

Early load is causing the odd 502 Gateway error on Steam Store pages, but the removal of 'Flash Sale' reductions has meant that you'll not miss out on limited time reductions prior to the main Sale's end. The Steam Summer Sale ends on July 9th.

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