Streacom Introduces DB4 GPU Kit Fanless Solution for Discrete Graphics Cards

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅22.01.2018 16:00:20

Streacom introduces its DB4 GPU Kit fanless cooling solution for discrete graphics cards specially designed to fit the DB4 Fanless Chassis. Using the kit, building a silent gaming system with a discrete graphics card using the DB4 case will now be possible. The kit will use one of the four side panels of the case to cool the graphics card by connecting the GPU to one of the Premium Grade 4mm-think Aluminium panels via four 6mm copper heat pipes. The DB4 GPU Cooling Kit has a recommended GPU TDP of 65~75W maximum enabling it to support up to an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card.

The DB4 GPU kit comprises of the heat sink mount, GPU mount, heat pipes, VRAM coolers, thermal paste and universal bracket. The GPU mount sports a universal mounting mechanism to support most of the graphics cards available today. It has adjustable arms and flexible heat sink design offering high compatibility with graphics cards.

DB4 GPU Cooling Kit Specifications
- Recommended GPU TDP: 65W~75W Max
- Number of Heatpipes: 4
- Number of Heatsink Mounts: 1
- Number of Universal Brackets: 1
- Heatpipe Diameter: 6mm
- Compatible Chassis: DB4


The Streacom DB4 Mini-ITX Fanless Chassis is available in black and silver at Overclockers UK for 269.99.

Product Pages:
DB4 Fanless Chassis
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