Style That Catches The Eye - Silverstone Release The Primera PM01 Chassis

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29th April 2016 - SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd - Primera is the Spanish word for “first” or “first class.” Cases in this series are designed for those seeking to build PCs with rich feature set and trend-setting aesthetics.

The Primera PM01 is an incredible computer case that fuses eye-catching styling and functionality in a package rarely seen in the PC world. It utilizes high quality, piano-like finish with oversized intake mesh panel inspired by sports car intake grill for unusually sleek exterior. Paired with an elaborate lighting system consists of LED fans and built-in adjustable LED strips, the PM01 can project the feel of a luxurious supercar on a highly customizable computer case.

The roomy interior layout supports a variety of large, high end components that are designed to be cooled efficiently and quietly by the included three 140mm LED intake fans and an 140mm exhaust fan. True to SilverStone tradition, the PM01 also has excellent dust protection thanks to implementation of easily removable filters and positive pressure airflow setup. Novice users will find this case a pleasure to build with and maintain while advanced users will find details such as support for two 360mm radiator mounting positions and water tank mounting holes to be highly useful for building beautiful liquid cooled PCs.

Special Features

- Includes three 140mm LED fans and built-in LED strips for stunning visual impact
- Oversized front panel mesh design inspired by supercar intake grill
- Support two 240/280/360mm radiator for AIO liquid cooler or custom water cooling
- Reserved water tank mounting holes for water cooling setup
- Removable filters with positive air pressure design for dust reduction
- Built-in 4-segment LED light controller to adjustable brightness and modes
- Super clean internal look with PSU and drive bay cover
- Includes 10 in 1 fan hub for fan cable management

The Silverstone Primera PM01 has an MSRP of €110.50, and is available in multiple colour options. For more information on it and other high-quality PC system enclosures visit

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