Swiftech Readies for AMD Ryzen with AM4 Adapter Kit

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.02.2017 21:25:46

Swiftech announces availability of their AM4 Adapter Kit to prepare for the upcoming AMD Ryzen processors under the new socket AM4 platform. The AP-XL-AMD4-BKT AM4 adapter kit will enable Swiftech’s current all-in-one liquid coolers and waterblocks to be compatible to the said AM4 socket.

The Swiftech AP-XL-AMD4-BKT AM4 socket adapter is also backwardly compatible to the older AMD socket platforms including the AM2 and AM3 sockets. Users using older AMD-based motherboards and systems will then be compatible to Swiftech’s AIOs and waterblocks. Swiftech announced that the adapter works with the H140, H220, H240 H320 X and H320 X2 all-in-one liquid cooling kits as well as its Apogee XL and XL2 water blocks. See the entire list of compatible products below.

Swiftech AP-XL-AMD4-BKT Compatibility
Apogee XL2 waterblock
Apogee XL waterblock
H220 X AIO cooling kit
H240 X AIO cooling kit
H220 X2 AIO cooling kit
H220 X2 Prestige AIO cooling kit
H240 X2 AIO cooling kit
H240 X2 Prestige AIO cooling kit
H320 X2 AIO cooling kit
H320 X2 Prestige AIO cooling kit

The Swiftech AM4 Adapter Kit is available at the Swiftech webstore and partner reseller network with an MSRP of $6.99. For more information on the Swiftech AP-XL-AMD4-BKT AM4 Adapter Kit, visit the Swiftech website.

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