Swiftech Teases Komodo HD7970 Waterblock

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅30.01.2012 21:35:09

Swiftech CEO Gabriel Rouchon (AKA Gabe) has taken to the Xtremesystems.org Forum to show off and gather feedback on the company's new range of AMD HD7970 waterblocks. Dubbed the Komodo HD7970, it's a full cover waterblock with brushed aluminium backplate and LED illuminated bridge.

Provisionally included in the pack are:

- True full cover (covers the entire PCB)
- 0.25x0.25 Micro Pin matrix
- Active VR Cooling
- Black chrome plated single slot PCI bracket
- Brushed Aluminum black anodized back Plate
- Bridge has illuminated Logo (Brushed Aluminum black anodized Front plate)
- locating GPU standoffs to re-use AMD stock cross-bracket
- True-Chrome plated copper base plate

In addition, two- three- and four-way Crossfire bridges will also be available if you're planning a multi-card setup.

A frequent criticism of GFX card waterblocks is the erratic stock levels for paired items which are sold separately, such as the waterblock and the backplate, leading to very long wait times and multiple deliveries in order to get your system set-up to your satisfaction. Attempting to minimise these kinds of issues, Gabe is also soliciting feedback on the product packages which should be made available through retail channels.

The Komodo is expected to be available in late February. These has been no word yet on expected pricing levels.

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