Synology DiskStation Manager 4.0 Enters Beta

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅16.01.2012 18:02:03

There are some products which we at Vortez just can't help but rave about, and Synology's DiskStation Manager for their range of NAS solutions is definitely one. In our latest reviews the DS212 and DS212j both earned our Approved award, in no small part due to the bundled DSM 3.2. Synology also feel that DSM is critical to their business - the company have just announced that Vic Hsu, former Director responsible for DSM, will succeed Derren Lu as Synology CEO. With that in mind, we're keen to see what DSM 4.0 will bring.

DSM is now a web-based platform. The then built-in apps you use everyday are made into web apps now. So you can simply choose from Photo Station, Download Station, Cloud Station and other web apps to install from Package Center. Pick from a wide collection of 3rd-party apps to fit your needs, like for backup or blogging. And whenever we roll out something new, say a new fisheye camera for Surveillance Station, you will get the update instantly and can install it right away via Package Center. So start building a DSM that is truly yours!

DSM 4.0 Beta aims to improve user experience across the board, but especially focussing on integration with mobile devices. The software has been optimised for Android tablets and the Kindle Fire, including a new range of updated Apps for interfacing with your NAS while at home or on the move. iOS users aren't left out either - DSM 4 will also allow syncing with iCloud to automatically propagate files across all your Apple devices.

Users of Windows machines will be able to take advantage of ezCloud, a means for multiple users to live-sync files from mobile Windows devices to the NAS or work off-line for syncing when connectivity becomes available. The internet presence of your NAS can also be controlled easily through personalised DDNS from Synology, allowing you to monitor and troubleshoot your NAS whilst online.

Businesses and other professionals will find additional improvements in productivity and application support in DSM 4, including greater support for VPN and iSCSI LUN. Furthermore home and small business applications will benefit from greater support for IP camera's. These are just a selection of features and upgrades Synology are bringing bear with DSM 4 and listed on the Beta microsite.

The DiskStation Manager 4.0 beta period has just begun and applies to a specific range of Synology NAS products. Specific functionality, such as NAS-as-hotspot, is restricted to certain devices on a hardware support basis. In order to generate strong results for this Beta cycle, Synology are offering dedicated testers the chance to win one of three DS212+ by identifying problems and working with the Support Team to solve them.

To participate in the Beta you will need to be using one of the compatible NAS. Be aware that reverting back to earlier versions from 4.0 Beta will not be possible. To sign up and download the latest Beta Client, visit Synology's Beta Page. Whilst there, you can peruse the list of compatible NAS enclosures and version changelog.

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