Synology launch DSM 3.0 Beta free download

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The new multi-tasking web UI offers users a new way to quickly move between apps. Users can run multiple applications simultaneously on one tab browser and switch between them instantly, or perform real-time inter-app file exchange between two or more File Browsers. Dynamic loading saves users from the constant wait of refreshing the whole webpage. All of these features are performed on a web browser, imitating a full desktop experience.

DSM 3.0 is the first NAS operating system allowing for customization and individuality, at the same time being easy-to-use and intuitive. DSM 3.0 offers a customizable web desktop that allows users to make sure their favorite apps are easily accessible and the backgrounds scream their personalities. All accessible folders and files can be managed within File Browser.

Synology smartphone apps, the new DS photo+, DS audio and DS cam, now support Android phone in addition to iPhone. With DS photo+, users can upload photos or videos from their iPhones or Android phones straight into and download from their DiskStations. Users can also view photos and videos that are stored on their DiskStations while leaving comments for their friends. The Android version of DS audio comes with a unique remote function, allowing users to conveniently remote control the music playing on their DiskStations through attached USB speakers.

DSM 3.0 simplifies file privilege management with Windows® ACL support, allowing access permission settings for shared folders and every file object on DiskStation in a Windows environment. The comprehensive permission precedence rules formulate a hierarchy, with each file’s explicit permission settings rule above inherited ones. This Windows-native experience aims at providing administrators a more flexible privilege management method to meet enterprise-level demand.

For more flexible virtual storage solution, DSM 3.0 now offers multiple cross-mapping between iSCSI Targets and iSCSI LUNs. It also offers multiple connections per session (MC/S) and multipath I/O (MPIO) to provide connection failover and load balance benefits to strengthen the stability of a network storage environment. To ensure file integrity, DSM 3.0 is compliant with SPC-3 PR standard to support Microsoft® Windows 2008 Server Failover Clustering or other systems such as VMware® Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) or Oracle® Cluster File System (OCFS).

DSM 3.0 with EXT4 system provides a well-structured base for enterprise-class data storage. It adopts EXT4 file system and supports the maximum volume space of 1 exabyte, equivalent of 1 million TB, with greater stability, better performance and lower possibility of file fragmentation.

Another key enhancement in DSM 3.0 is the upgrade to the new Surveillance Station 5 that supports over 580 IP cameras and 500 megapixel resolution, and is compatible with ONVIF and PSIA industrial standards, securing users’ future investment. In addition, Surveillance Station 5 makes property safeguard even easier to do. Users can live view up to 36 channels in one layout. Time Slicing feature splits playing event into four equal lengths of video clips to help users to quickly glance through the whole event.

The beta release of the Synology DSM 3.0 additionally includes WebDAV support, IPv6 integration and more new features. For further details, please visit

Synology DSM 3.0 Beta Reward Program
Synology will award a DiskStation DS110+ to a maximum of three beta testers who provide the most valuable feedback and assistance for making DSM 3.0 even better when the beta program ends. Visit for details.

The Synology DSM 3.0 beta is free to download for users who own a DiskStation x07 series and onward. The supported models are:
DS411+, DS1010+, RS810+, RS810RP+, DS410, DS410j, DS710+, DS210+, DS210j, DS110+, DS110j, DS509+, RS409+, RS409RP+, RS409, DS409+, DS409, DS209+II, DS209+, DS209, DS209j, DS109+, DS109, DS109j, DS409slim, RS408, RS408-RP, DS508, DS408, DS108j, RS407, CS407, CS407e, DS207+, DS207, DS107+, DS107, DS107e

The download is available at

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