Synology launch DSM 3.0 full version download

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅20.09.2010 17:03:15

DSM 3.0 from Synology is the next phase in their oustanding NAS operating system software. It features a wealth of functionality including:

Storage & iSCSI
DSM 3.0 includes complete RAID protection, easy storage expansion, and multiple iSCSI LUN support.

File Sharing
DSM 3.0 provides easy file navigation on your Desktop, cross-platform compatibility, and seamless Windows ADS integration.

Privilege & Security
Achieve efficient file control with the complete privilege setup rules including Windows ACL support. Secure network access with HTTPS, firewall, and auto block.

Over 600 IP camera support and compatible with ONVIF/PSIA standard, Surveillance Station 5 is the easy and economical surveillance solution.

Rich Applications
Use full-featured applications to launch websites, host mail servers, or share printer resources.

Energy Saving
The energy saving features in DSM 3.0 ensure a minimum power usage of DiskStation, saving not only the energy bill, but also the earth.

Whether it's IPv6 support or in a wireless environment, your can always establish Internet connection to DiskStation.

DSM 3.0 offers revamped user interface, which delivers faster responsiveness, better interactions, and more useful tools to manage DiskStation.

To take a look at the features and download DSM 3.0 please follow the link below

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