Synology Launches DiskStation DS423+ and DS423 For Home and Small Business

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Synology has announced the release of two 4-bay Synology DiskStations, the DS423+ and DS423, the latest in its lineup of all-in-one storage solutions for home offices and small businesses. Powered by the versatile Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, both storage servers offer comprehensive solutions to protect and manage business data, facilitate collaboration on documents, provide remote file access, and serve as the core of an IP camera-based surveillance system, all within a compact desktop format.

Synology DiskStation DS423+: Sync and back up endpoint data to a centralized platform

With a maximum raw storage capacity of 72 terabytes, the DS423+ is ideal for teams of professionals, and small businesses looking to step into the world of centralized storage, or to serve as an edge node in distributed deployments.

The DS423+ delivers intuitive file management and sharing with Synology Drive, which combines cross-platform file access with the privacy offered by on-premises storage. For teams working remotely and businesses operating across multiple locations, site-to-site file syncing is available to mirror content between Synology devices.

In addition, existing IT infrastructure can be protected against data loss due to system failure or cybersecurity threats using Synology Active Backup Suite. Active Backup allows IT infrastructure, such as Windows and Linux systems, Hyper-V/VMware VMs, and Microsoft 365/Google Workspace accounts, to be safely backed up onto the DS423+ and quickly restored when needed.

Businesses can also set up and manage up to 40 cameras on the DS423+ with Surveillance Station, which makes it easy to encrypt, backup, and archive recordings, as well as record footage simultaneously to the cloud using optional C2 Surveillance from Synology. Surveillance Station is highly scalable and suitable for deployments of all sizes from small business deployments with a few cameras to large-scale deployments with thousands of cameras between hundreds of locations.

Synology DiskStation DS423: Access Synology solutions to store, back up, and view data

With a maximum storage capacity of 72 terabytes, the DS423's size and capacity make it perfect for remote employees or small businesses looking to consolidate data on a centralized platform and gain access to feature-rich Synology applications.

The DS423 comes with Synology Drive for reliable file management, sharing, and syncing via PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, allowing users to access their data anywhere. In addition, businesses with remote employees or those operating across multiple locations can leverage Synology Drive ShareSync to sync data between multiple Synology devices scattered across different locations, keeping everyone on the team aligned.

Businesses can connect up to 30 cameras to Surveillance Station, a powerful surveillance system that allows users to back up, encrypt, and archive footage from multiple servers via a built-in central management system. Footage can also simultaneously be stored in the cloud with Synology C2 Surveillance. Surveillance Station comes with support for ONVIF devices and over 8,300 validated IP cameras to make deployment as easy as possible.

The DS423+ and DS423 are available starting today from Synology resellers.

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