Synology Update OS of USB Station 2

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Press Release

Synology® Inc. has announced the latest operating system update for Synology USB Station 2 NAS server, supporting the sharing of print, fax and scan on a multifunction printer to other computers over the same network. Shared printing is already in wide use whereas scanning and faxing are not due to the lack of standardized protocol. Additional expenses for a costly multifunction printer server is usually required to share these two features over a network. This operating system update enables complete sharing on a multifunction printer, increases efficiency for a home or office workgroup, and minimizes operational expenses for peripheral device.

“The new update makes Synology the very first to have support in scan and fax sharing on a NAS server. This particular feature utilizes a technology known as ‘USB over TCP/IP,’ in which it allows a USB device on a host machine to be shared to other clients over a network. On our USB Station 2, the sharing of multifunction printer on different platforms has been easier than ever,” said Chad Jiang, the product manager of Synology Inc.

Small offices and households are now offered an alternative solution to costly multifunction printer server or a printer with built-in sharing capability; aside from the new sharing features, there are still many more, such as plug-and-play file sharing, multimedia content streaming, PC-less downloading, and low power consumption – all in a single NAS server.

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