Synology Update Their 4-bay 'Play' NAS Model, Adds Higher-Spec Processor

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅03.06.2016 14:55:19

Network Addressed Storage specialists Synology have a broad range of NAS devices, from high-end enterprise to single-bay home models, which they update almost yearly to incorporate new technologies and features which they can't unlock through their DSM software updates. This week they're announcing just such an update to their 4-bay 'Play' series unit, a design intended for value-oriented markets that now includes a new CPU and hardware encryption engine.

Synology's DS416play is the 2016 revision and replacement for the DS415play, supporting up to four 3.5" HDDs through a standalone unit. Not only designed for backup and storage of important files, the sheer potential capacity and features of the DS416play mark it out as a multimedia centre beyond the mundane. Now equipped with a dual-core Intel Celeron N3060 - the first time this processor has been included in this class of Synology NAS - capable of 2.48GHz in Turbo Mode, the design is more capable than ever of the grunt-work necessary to unlock the devices full potential. A full gigabyte of DDR3 DRAM also helps to cope with the burden.

Alongside many of Synology's 2016 range, the DS416play features an AES-NI hardware encryption engine, so not only is your data kept secure, accessing it isn't slowed down significantly due to the normally intensive process of authorised decryption. The unit is capable of 225MB/s read and 187MB/s write for non-encypted data, dipping only slightly to 224MB/s read and 142MB/s write for encrypted data. High speed data transmission rates are made possible through the use of dual-gigabit LAN with Link Aggregation.

As mentioned, the DS416play is more than a NAS storage device. The unit is also capable of media transcoding and now also supports both H.264 1-channel 4K and 3-channel Full HD video transcoding in real time. Video content can be played through the DS Video app online or on an Apple TV, and as a DNLA-certified server video content can also be accessed and played on similarly compatible devices.

Last, but not least, the DS416play is adopts the new Btrfs file system, a new tech which features:

Built-in data integrity check detects data and file system corruption with data and meta-data checksums and improve overall stability.

Flexible shared folder/user quota system provides comprehensive quota control on all user accounts and shared folders.

Advanced snapshot technology with customizable backup schedule allows up to 256 copies of shared folder backups in a minimum 5-minute interval without occupying huge storage capacity and system resources.

File or folder level data restoration maximizes user convenience and reduces time in restoring specific files or folders.

Cloud Station with file versioning halves storage space usage when compared with the ext4 file system.

As a mainstream Synology unit the DS416play supports the latest DiskStation Manager software version, a toolkit regularly updated by the manufacturer to add new features, close vulnerabilities and improve overall performance.

The DS416play is now available worldwide priced at £372 (inc. V.A.T.) or €40 (ex. V.A.T.), and is backed by a 2-year limited warranty. For more information visit

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