Team V4 Rocks ESL Turkey!

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Press Release

After a 3-month match marathon, Tt. Darvin, a member of Team V4, won first place in the SC2 League of ESL Turkey and brought home some pretty awesome prizes.

1-Onur 'Tt.Darvin' Özgür
2-Eren 'Tt.WarAdmiral' Memişoğlu
3-Turushan 'Sleeep' Aktay
4-Onat 'Tt.Sugosu' Gegeoğlu
5-Necdet 'Tt.Tempest' Bilmen

Team V4 members placed in the top 4 out of 5. This victory brought a cheerful atmosphere to the Tt eSPORTS headquarter. Zeynep Wang, the representative of Tt eSPORTS and Thermaltake Turkey immediately after hearing this news had the following comments: “Team V4 members are not only great players, they also own the spirit that we want to present, which is to conquer all challenges. Gamers like these deserve our support and that’s what we’re aiming to do! I’m really proud of these guys!”

ESL interviews Tt. Darvin about his experience playing Star Craft 2:
Original news:

ESL: Let's meet the champion of Intel Extreme Masters StarCraft2 Turkey. Can you introduce yourself?
Tt. Darvin: Hello, my name is Onur Ozgur, studying at Istanbul Veterinarian Faculty. I'm a Protoss player and live in Istanbul.

E: How did you become such a skilled player? Did you watch and analyze your competitors’ replays or something?
D: Nope. Actually it comes from my experience from playing SC1 and Beta.

E: If we count other players, Tempest as a Protoss, then we can see that the top 5 in this list are all Protoss, what do you think about the balance of this game?
D: I don’t think anyone in Turkey can play Zerg and Terran well. My personal opinion is Zerg > Terran = Protoss.

E: Then are you going to change your strategy for the new patch?
D: Actually I already did some changes, and you'll see it in upcoming tournaments.

E: Seems like you've been signed to a team recently, is the gaming sector of Turkey starting to thrive? What do you think?
D: Yeah, I hope so. I play SC2 for fun and I hope more gaming organizations and events will make it even more interesting. I also believe that the sponsored keyboard, mouse and headset from Tt eSPORTS will enhance my performance.

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