TEAMGROUP Launches C212, M211, and C211 USB 3.2 Flash Drives

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Press Release

TEAMGROUP launches three new USB flash drives featuring high-speed USB 3.2 interface for different types of users. The high-speed TEAMGROUP C212 USB 3.2 Gen2 flash drive offers the fastest rates with speeds of up to 600MB/s. On the other hand, the TEAMGROUP M211 USB 3.2 OTG flash drive comes with USB-C and USB-A interfaces and supports a wider selection of devices including OTG-enabled tablets and phones. Lastly, the TEAMGROUP C211 USB 3.2 flash drive is a value-oriented option featuring a USB 3.2 Gen1 interface.

TEAMGROUP C212 Extreme Speed Drive — High-speed Transfer, Vast Storage

The C212 uses the latest USB 3.2 Gen2 high-speed interface to deliver speeds faster than any other USB drive in the market. With the reading speed at 600 MB/s and writing at 500 MB/s, a 10GB high-quality audio-visual file can be transferred in 30 seconds. The TEAMGROUP C212 is highly compact and portable, weighing just 9 grams. Furthermore, the C212 Extreme Speed Drive is built with a patented easy push-and-pull design, amplifying the strength by 10%.

TEAMGROUP C212 Flash Drive Features
Extreme high-speed transfer, not a moment will be wasted
Massive storage capacity provides plenty of room for large multimedia files
Patented easy push-and-pull design
No more worries with a 5-year warranty
Taiwan Invention Patent No. I672986

TEAMGROUP M211 USB 3.2 OTG Flash Drive — Reinventing Interfaces, Unbinding Transmission

Lightweight and compact, the TEAMGROUP M211 USB 3.2 OTG Flash Drive comes with USB Type-A and Type-C dual interfaces with a reading speed up to 150MB/s, allowing data to transfer freely across Android devices, tablets, desktop computers, and Mac computers. The M211 adopts a newly patented foldable cap-less design. Made with COB (Chip on Board) assembly technique, the body of the drive is both waterproof and dustproof, safeguarding the data it holds.

TEAMGROUP M211 OTG Flash Drive Features
USB Type-C OTG dual interface flash drive
USB 3.2 Gen 1 high-speed transfer
Rotating cap design can prevent cap loss
Triple protection: waterproof, dust-proof, and shockproof

TEAMGROUP C211 USB 3.2 Flash Drive— Carrying Data with Style

Made with aluminium alloy and covered in oxford blue, the C211 USB 3.2 Flash Drive reflects a pursuit of style and fashion with its modest yet sleek design, while being firmly durable. Its cap can be secured on the other side of the USB Drive. C211 is available in different storage capacities, up to 256 GB.

TEAMGROUP C211 Flash Drive Features
A tough and durable metalwork
No loss cap design
No worries with the huge capacity
High-speed transfer and plug & play
A thoughtful LED indicator

To learn more about the new USB 3.2 flash drives, please visit the links below.
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TEAMGROUP M211 USB 3.2 OTG Flash Drive
TEAMGROUP C211 USB 3.2 Flash Drive

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