TEAMGROUP Launches QX 2.5” 15.3TB Consumer SSD

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅02.09.2020 17:15:27
Press Release

TEAMGROUP introduces the QX 15.3TB 2.5” SATA solid-state drive, the industry’s first and largest consumer-grade SSD. The TEAMGROUP QX SSD uses the latest 3D QLC flash memory and has up to 2560TBW of write life. It is super durable compared to other products in the industry, lightweight and compact, yet offers a high 15.3TB storage capacity. The QX will revolutionize the consumer-grade 2.5” SATA SSD market with its market-dominating specification.

The TEAMGROUP QX SSD not only has the largest 15.3TB capacity and the highest write life of up to 2560TBW, but it also supports Windows TRIM optimization command which can release free blocks, allowing the operating system to use them later immediately when writing data. The optimized access control technology of NCQ can speed up the transfer and write performance of the SSD, and effectively reduces performance degradation and wear and tear of the drive. This can prolong the service life of the SSD perfectly. The built-in smart algorithm management mechanism has functions such as garbage collection which can ensure operation efficiency. The powerful Wear-Levelling technology and ECC (Error Correction Code) function enhances the reliability of data transfer and provide consumers a reliable, compact SSD with massive capacity.

15.3TB, the industry’s largest consumer-grade 2.5” SATA SSD
Smart Duel Cache and powerful performance
A monster that can defeat mechanical hard drives
Ultra-high durability. Stable and reliable
Up to 560MB/s Read, Up to 480MB/s Write
3-year limited warranty

Pricing and Availability
The TEAMGROUP QX 15.3TB SSD is available in order basis for $3,990 MSRP. Learn more about the TEAMGROUP QX SSD at the TEAMGROUP website.

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