TEAMGROUP Launches T-CREATE EXPERT and CLASSIC DDR5 Memory Products for Content Creators

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅08.07.2022 15:56:00
Press Release

TEAMGROUP launches the T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 desktop memory and T-CREATE CLASSIC SO-DIMM DDR5 memory designed to empower workstations and laptops for a wide range of users, specifically content creators. The T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 memory will be offered in up to 64GB (2x32GB) of DDR5-5600MHz dual-channel kits while the T-CREATE CLASSIC SO-DIMM DDR5 memory will be featuring 16GB memory modules in speeds of up to DDR5-5600MHz.

T-CREATE's EXPERT Desktop DDR5 RAM, unlike its DDR4 iteration, uses a dedicated DDR5 cooling module and all-new cooling fin design to strengthen cooling under high-intensity applications and ensure digital content creators can continue to experience high-speed performances at the ideal operating temperature. Digital content creators require strong performances and large capacities. The T-CREATE EXPERT DDR5 memory has the specs to achieve speeds of up to 5600MHz and dual-channel options available in 16GBx2 or 32GBx2, which can fulfill any multi-tasking needs and drastically enhances the creative experience.

TEAMGROUP has also launched the T-CREATE CLASSIC SO-DIMM Laptop DDR5 memory for digital content creators working with laptops. The CLASSIC SO-DIMM Laptop DDR5 RAM is a single channel 16GB RAM that can deliver speeds of up to 5600MHz. The high-speed and large-capacity spec can guarantee can empower creators to run wild with their imagination. The standard working voltage in the CLASSIC SO-DIMM DDR5 has been reduced from the DDR4 iteration's 1.2V to 1.1V. The more energy-efficient specification drains less energy from the laptop and extends its battery life. The CLASSIC SO-DIMM DDR5 is made for creators that are always on the go and helps them build the perfect mobile workstation.

Founded in 2020 by TEAMGROUP, T-CREATE has one mission at its core: to provide reliable, powerful, and large storage solutions to creators of all domains. Whether it's for a graphic designer working with visuals or a video content creator capturing memories, T-CREATE commits to providing products with three elements: reliability, powerful performances, and aesthetics in this age of total digitalization. Allow T-CREATE to join hands with creators around the world to create outstanding digital content from their wildest imaginations.

TEAMGROUP did not reveal information on the launch date and pricing as of this writing.


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