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Press Release

TEAMGROUP's T-CREATE today launched the T-CREATE MASTER DDR5 OC R-DIMM, an overclocking DDR5 ECC Registered DIMM memory. T-CREATE's MASTER series is designed specifically for workstations and servers. With its high specifications and large capacity, it fully satisfies the needs of professionals in handling large-scale projects, analyzing large data sets, and running multiple specialized applications concurrently. The T-CREATE MASTER DDR5 OC R-DIMM features a one-piece heat spreader with ventilation holes and thermally conductive silicone for quick heat dissipation. It also has on-die ECC, which allows systems to run more stably and provide excellent performance.

Key Features
Defies all you know about R-DIMM memory
Professionally designed with low-key aesthetics
Error-correction code (ECC) allows for a more focused creation
Professional and highly effective heat dissipation ability
Lifetime warranty guarantees every creation
Patented IC classification and verification technology, ensuring applicability and durability (Taiwan Invention Patent: I751093 | US Invention Patent: US11488679)

The T-CREATE MASTER memory module is an overclocking ECC Registered DIMM memory available in frequencies of 6000 MHz, 6400 MHz, and 6800 MHz. When the module is paired with workstation motherboards, memory capacity can reach up to a massive 384GB, allowing professional creators to quickly complete all types of work and enjoy the creative flexibility that comes with large capacities. In addition to the on-die ECC that corrects bit errors within the DRAM chip, the MASTER memory also supports an ECC feature that corrects errors outside the chip and fixes data corruption, allowing for stable operation and greater peace of mind when creating. The MASTER R-DIMM is compatible with W790 series workstation motherboards and is made for creative professionals, developers, and engineers. When combined with the powerful computing of the latest Intel Xeon processors, the T-CREATE MASTER DDR5 OC R-DIMM memory delivers incredible performance and stability for content creation, graphic rendering, and the demanding applications of high-end workstations.

The T-CREATE MASTER DDR5 OC R-DIMM's design is understated and elegant, combining beauty and substance to provide creators with a unique and stylish look. As platform technology evolves, TEAMGROUP will continue developing and refining the diverse possibilities of memory. At the same time, T-CREATE will launch high-frequency and large-capacity products to meet the needs of professional creators in various fields.

The T-CREATE MASTER DDR5 OC R-DIMM will be available in DDR5 6800 4x16GB and 8x16GB kits in Taiwan and North America in October.

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