TerraMaster Announces TOS 5.1 Beta and TNAS Mobile 3 App.

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Press Release

TerraMaster announces the TNAS Mobile 3, a dedicated mobile client developed by TerraMaster for remote storage management for TNAS devices running on TOS 5 operating system. TerraMaster also announces the availability of TOS 5.1 Beta featuring new functions and improvements. TerraMaster TOS 5.1 Beta is now available for download on select TNAS devices.

TOS 5.1 Beta

Upgraded Kernel
The TOS 5.1 kernel has been updated from 4.19 to 5.15. The update kernel on TOS 5.1 Beta optimized EXT4/Btrfs/NTFs file systems and SMB3 file server, used ext4/f2fs/ubifs file system encryption in the encryption API, enabled Apple M1 SoC functionality under Linux and added USB 4 interface support, which greatly improved the performance and security of file system.

4K Hardware Decoding
The new hardware decoding driver for Intel Jasper Lake GPU is added, which will significantly improve 4K video hardware decoding capability for TerraMaster NAS.

Storage pool expansion via USB
By connecting the TerraMaster USB disk array, users can easily expand the storage space of the storage pool for TNAS. It supports TRAID/RAID 0/RAID 1/RAID 5/RAID 6 array mode and provide 10Gb storage bandwidth. Compared with eSATA or mini SAS expansion enclosures, TerraMaster USB expansion enclosures are more economical and more convenient.

Hyper Cache
TerraMaster Hyper Cache is TerraMaster unique SSD cache acceleration tool. Hyper Cache can provide up to three cache modes to choose from to suit different usage needs, and can also create disk arrays for SSDs to increase cache speed and security.

Categorized Notifications
TOS 5.1 Beta optimizes system messages and divides message notifications into four levels: information, success, error, and warning. Each level of messages is marked with a more eye-catching symbol of different colors. User can always keep track of any abnormalities in the system and ensure the security of the system and data.

USB Storage Management
TOS 5.1 fully optimizes the mounting of USB partitions. The system will record the path of the last mounted USB partition. When re-mounting next time, the original path will be allocated first to provide more storage space for the use and backup of USB.

Optimized Docker Manager
TerraMaster launches an updated version of Docker Manager and updates the Docker engine to 20.10.17 version. The optimized interface brings it in line with users’ aesthetics and usage habits. Container deployment is more flexible and TerraMaster NAS utilization is optimized.

Terra Photos
TOS 5.1 replaced the more powerful Intel OpenVINO AI computing engine and combined with the new Terra Photos application, the intelligent photo recognition efficiency increased by 30%. Terra Photo is designed for home users and photography enthusiasts to manage photo storage, and share and access photos from anywhere.

Learn more about the updated TOS 5.1 Beta operating system here.

TNAS Mobile 3

Modernized and Simplified
TNAS Mobile 3 app’s user interface and modernized and simplified to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. Its icons are in lightweight encapsulation, optimized especially for mobile web pages, with some of the options reformatted, thus being more in line with modern aesthetic taste and usage habits.

Login OTP Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of protection for your TNAS and this is available using the TNAS Mobile 3.

Military-Grade Encryption
TNAS Mobile 3 uses military-grade RSA 2048 encryption that allows data to be stored in a coffer. Once stored, Encrypted data cannot be opened or read without the encryption key providing the highest level of data security and protection.

Remote Administrator
TNAS Mobile 3 has a new remote administrator function that allows users to manage the TNAS device(s) remotely. Using the app, remote administrators can monitor TNAS in real-time, and execute admin-level operations such as shutting down or restarting the TNAS, enabling or disabling file service, remote terminal access, and other functions.

Mobile Phone Backup
Using TNAS Mobile 3, users can backup data on their phone to your TNAS. This allows users to save space on their phones or backup important files on their phones with ease.

Easier File Navigation
TNAS Mobile 3 can sort and classify the photos, videos, music, and documents in specified folders to quickly select content matching the keywords, thus improving efficiency when searching for videos, music, or documents. The addition of Recent Access, Favorites, My Share, and Quick Access enables you to retrieve documents more quickly and easily.

Personal Storage with Privacy
TNAS Mobile 3 gives access to personal storage space for users to store files and data via the mobile device. Storage space can be configured as an encrypted private storage space for private data or a public storage space designed for collaboration. Other users with TNAS Mobile 3 can access, store, and modify files on public space providing easy collaboration between remote workers on the field.

Easier File Sharing
With TNAS Mobile 3, you can easily share files or entire folders with family, friends, collaborators, and other users that has access to the TNAS network remotely. TNAS Mobile 3 even offers advanced settings including expiry date, number of times access is allowed, download permissions, password verifications, and other sharing options.

Learn more about TNAS Mobile 3 here.

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