The Dark Base 700 - Be Quiet! Dark Base Range Gets A Mid-Tower Sibling

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The be quiet! Dark Base 900-series of PC cases has been a fixture of the full-tower chassis market since June 2016, but since then the German manufacturers have focussed on broadening their case lineup to other customer requirements. Earlier this year the Pure Base 600 highlighted essential features and slightly tighter budgets, whilst tempered glass 'Windowed' models of the rest of be quiet!'s now ample portfolio have been staggered throughout the intervening period. Today marks the first appearance of a fresh new design however: the Dark Base 700.

As the name implies, be quiet!'s Dark Base 700 is the smaller sibling of both the 900 and 900 Pro models, sitting firmly within the mid-tower size bracket and supporting motherboards up to EATX form factors in a pinch. Nonetheless the design seeks to be just as fully-featured as its full-tower relation, exploiting a modular internal layout that makes optimum use of the volume available for high-end system components and cooling.

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Of All Things, An Invertible Motherboard Tray

One of the more startling aspects of the Dark Base 700 is an invertible motherboard tray and rear IO plate. There are a few reasons why you'd want an alternative orientation but, even if it's 'just' for more appealing aesthetics, you'll be happy that it's possible.

Repositionable HDD caddies also mean that mechanical storage mounting positions are flexible rather than fixed, whilst the 2.5" SSD mounting points on the back of the tray saves space and makes installation and neat cabling a little easier. For all intents and purposes, only the PSU is really in a fixed position.

Speaking of the PSU, a shroud covers both it and much of the ensuing cable clutter, as well as up to two of the HDD tray mounting points. Fear not however, the shroud is also segmented and removable if airflow is a concern.

If system display is your thing, you may also be pleased to know that vertical GPU mounting is an option thanks to the addition of two more PCI-E slots in the back panel. A PCI-E riser cable is required to support this configuration however.

Robust Cooling From The Outset

Bundled with the Dark Pro 700 are two premium SilentWings 3 140 mm PWM fans, but these aren't the limits of the chassis' capabilities. Water-cooling radiators up to 360mm long are also supported, both in the front with push/pull configuration, or in the top through an innovative slide-out bracket for trivial installation.

Noise dampening features, from rubber grommets to L-shaped vents, all serve to increase the cases somewhat stealthy aspects, and by support up to 6 PWM fans through the included fan hub it's also possible to have substantial control of optimal air flow.

Technical Specifications

Model:- DARK BASE 700
PSU form factor:- ATX PS/2
Motherboard compatibility:- E-ATX (30.5 x 27.5cm), ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX

Installation of motherboards with backplate:- Y
Case size incl. stands (L x W x H), (mm):- 544 x 241 x 519
Dimensions side panel window (L x W), (mm):- 510 x 470 x 4
Color option:- RBG LED front panel (white, red, green, blue, orange, purple)
Weight (kg):- 13.25

HD Audio I/O:- 1
USB 2.0:- -
USB 3.0:- 2
USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C:- 1
Expansion slots:- 7 + 2
Fan mounting locations:- 9
Qi charger:- -

Crafted of steel and 1.2mm thick aluminium, and incorporating RGB lighting in key positions as well as a tempered glass side panel, the Dark Base 700 is on sale today with an MSRP of 189 / 174.90 / $179.90. For more extensive information visit

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