The Division Will Let You Choose Between More FPS and Better Lighting Quality On Consoles

👤by Noah Cunning Comments 📅07.02.2016 02:23:53

While attending the recent New York City The Division event Team Epiphany got a chance to sit down, record, and chat with one of the developers at Ubisoft Massive. During the Q&A, he confirmed that console users will have a choice between better frame rate, and better lighting effects. Here's an excerpt from the interview:
Its actually great that weve given the option to disable certain lighting aspects to improve frame rate in the console version, which I dont know if any other game does that. So if you want to choose frame rate over, like, visuals you can if you want.

Talk of having video options for console games is nothing new. After The Last Of Us Remastered on the PS4 provided the choice of a 30FPS with higher shadow quality, or a unlocked frame rate with a cap of 60 FPS with lesser shadow quality. This introduction of video settings on consoles is what some console players have been begging for. On top of that, the developer said there is a lot of stuff the team hopes to push even more foregoing with the engine, which has a lot of potential, but is still in an early stage.

When Team Epiphany asked whether the console versions of the game were going to hold back the PC version of the game, the developer responded:
It is definitely a factor in it, but one good thing about The Division is we always considered the PC as a separate platform. Ive worked on projects before where PC versions are ports from a console, so there are limitations over, but weve always been in the mind that well have a dedicated PC build so it hasnt really held it back too much.

We do have to kind of keep it in check with the consoles, to kind of being fair just to push it so far away from them.

Down below is the video of the interview.

The Division is scheduled to release on March 8 for PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.


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