The HERO: Vault-Tec Edition by noblechairs & Bethesda Launches Worldwide

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅28.05.2020 11:00:48

In April noblechairs and Bethesda Game Studios announced a partnership that will see premium gaming chairs emblazoned with designs based on some of the most popular videogame franchises around. Today the first of those has now been brought to a hungry market: noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair - Fallout Vault-Tec Edition; and more is to come from this partnership in the future.

The Vault-Tec Edition by noblechairs takes heavy inspiration from the critically acclaimed Fallout series, featuring Vault Boy and the Vault-Tec Corporation logos and distinctive blue and yellow livery throughout. Even "Prepare for the Future" - Vault-Tec's familiar motto - also makes an appearance. Franchise fanatics will be eager to add this piece of essential gaming hardware to their set-up, but anyone could fall in love with this offbeat seat.

As idiosyncratic as the upholstery might be, noblechairs' HERO model is nonetheless an excellent base to work from. The underlying design is one that has consistently been rated highly, winning awards from multiple publications as a cut above mediocre gaming seats that have flooded the market in recent years. Its key features include:

- Adjustable lumbar support for the lower back
- Memory foam embedded into the headrest for improved comfort
- Durable, easy-clean, water-resistant and breathable
- Larger surface area for the seat- and backrest
- Individually adjustable seat height
- Supports a weight of up to 150Kg

Not only have noblechairs emphasised comfort and support, they also upholster their chairs in fabrics easy to clean and suitable for long gaming sessions. This attention to detail underscores their understanding of gaming session patterns, something that seems obvious when you realise they're gamers themselves.

Later this year a DOOM special edition - complete with Slayer Club iconography - will debut at retailers, and on the horizon is a wide array of Bethesda franchises which could get the noblechairs treatment. Skyrim and Dishonored themed designs have the potential to look stunning, but even something as quirky as a RAGE 2 footrest could bring a smile to many faces.

The noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair - Fallout Vault-Tec Edition is available direct from noblechairs, OverclockersUK and retailers worldwide, priced at an MSRP of 379.99, 419.90, $499.99 or regional equivalents. UK and EU pricing is inclusive of V.A.T.

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