The Logitech G600, Now For MMO Gamers

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅14.06.2012 20:50:00

Logitech have been a major player in gaming mice for a decade or more, but the MMO genre appeared to have passed them by somewhat. MMO and MOBA games are the current fashion and manufacturers such as Steelseries and Razer jumped in with both feet, servicing the market with strong 10+ button offerings for those who demand a hotkey for as many skills as possible. In this, the Razer Naga is generally accepted as ruling the roost even though it commands a premium price over other brand models. It may be that with their very strong G-series, Logitech had up till now felt that gamers had plenty of options; whatever their reasoning Logitech have decided to push forward with their own 12+ button gaming mouse.

The Logitech G600 is immediately notable due to its 12-button array on the thumb-pad, labelled G09-G20. Primarily designed for quick access of skills, but also well suited to productivity tasks in an office environment, these sorts of button arrays are becoming increasingly common though not in these numbers. The G660 also allows LED colour customisation of the lettering, which is a nice touch.

Unlike many mice on the market, gaming or otherwise, the G600 features three rather than two primary buttons, the third of which can also be assigned 'G-Shift' functionality to alter the keybind of any other button. Two other buttons labelled G7 and G8 are ideal for ring-finger switching, with a suggested usage of changing between the three profiles stored on-board.

Speaking of sensor, this mouse has a formidable 8600dpi sensitivity, which can naturally be dialled down in software to your ideal settings. The resolution compares extremely well with other mice in its class, which typically max out at 6400dpi.

Rounded off by 1ms USB polling, braided USB cable and low-friction feet, the G600 has to be a strong competitor in the MMO and productivity segments. Currently available on the Logitech website for pre-order, it's listed at an RRP of 69.99. For more detailed information visit

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