The OverclockersUK Storefront Gets A Facelift

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅14.11.2017 11:16:18

OverclockersUK have just announced completion of a visual refresh to their online storefront that should make buying the PC components you need for the perfect upgrade just a little bit more intuitive.

Although the front page has seen the most substantial change to its layout and overall appearance, the entire template of the site has been updated to reflect a new refined aesthetic. Long-time users should adjust quickly, whilst new customers will (it's hoped) be less intimidated thanks to a reduction in visual clutter and improved signposting.

The update went live this morning (UK time) and staff member 5UB warned forum-goers that minor bugs may crop up in the short term. Anyone who does experience an issue is urged to report it in the appropriate OCUK forum thread.

OCUK Updated Product Page

OCUK Old Product Page (Archived Nov. 13th)

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