The PS07, Silverstone's First Precision-Series mATX Chassis

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅01.11.2011 18:41:52

Silverstone Technology are makers of the awe-inspiring Temjin TJ11, striking RAVEN RV03 and refined Fortress FT02, each of which feature prominently in the premium case price segment (to put it mildly in the case of the TJ11). They have not however neglected the value end of the case market, catering to it with their Precision series of chiefly ATX chassis that are solid and functional with a dash of flair.

The latest chassis in the Precision series is the PS07B, marking their first Micro-ATX case in their value range. Aesthetically similar to the PS03, the PS07 has a plain front bezel with aluminium trim that makes it ideal for both office and home environments, whilst also perhaps serving as a blank canvas for modders. Internally, the layout is striking - the inverted mATX motherboard and roof-top PSU location bucks the trend of the vast majority of modern cases, perhaps in an effort to evoke memories of the popular FT02.

In terms of features, gamers will be pleased to see dual-120mm fans in the front and space for an additional 120mm fan in the rear for high air-flow if required. All fan intakes are dust-filtered, a pleasant addition for cases in what is likely to be the PS07's price bracket. Space for up-to six 3.5" HDD's and one 2.5" SSD also make the PS07 an ideal candidate for home-server setups. As you would expect, USB3 is also supported.

No news yet on pricing, but the Silverstone Precision PS07 should be available in early November. For more information on the PS07, or other Silverstone products, visit

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