Thecus Expands Drive Compatibility List

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅25.06.2014 12:08:50


June 25th 2014 - Thecus® Inc. - In order to provide the most versatile environment for NAS users, Thecus strives to broaden its range of compatibility with HDD and SSD support. With this in mind, Thecus has announced its expansion of compatibility with a wide range of new drives.

W8900 / N8900 / N8900V / W12000 / N12000 / N12000V / N12000PRO / W16000 / N16000 / N16000V / N16000PRO

N7700PROv2 / N8800PROv2 / N7710-G / N8810U-G

N6850 / N8850 / N10850

N25X0 Series / N2800 / N45X0 Series / N4800 Series / N4510U / N5550 / N7510

N4200 / N4200Eco / N4200PRO 1U / N42XXX / N22XXX / N5200XXX / N8200XXX


If you have any questions related to drive compatibility, please browse the Compatibility Lists on the official Thecus website. For the most advanced features and best performance, please also ensure that your NAS is using the latest official firmware.

For the latest compatibility lists, go to:

For the latest Thecus firmware, go to:

For more information on Thecus, go to:

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