THERMALRIGHT AMD AM5 Upgrade Kit Now Available

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CPU air coolers, unlike all-in-one liquid CPU coolers, can be used for a very long time until it becomes obsolete with the introduction of new sockets that would demand different mounting hardware. There are a handful of CPU cooler manufacturers that continue to provide support for the new generation sockets on old and active products and THERMALRIGHT would be one of them. THERMALRIGHT also validates AMD AM5 compatibility with its newer air coolers and AIO liquid coolers.

The AMD AM5 CPU mount upgrade kit will be sold separately unlike Noctua that is giving their upgrade kit for free-of-charge. Nevertheless, THERMALRIGHT CPU cooler users can upgrade to the new AMD AM5 platform at a lower cost by keeping their old CPU cooler with the purchase of this upgrade kit. See the press release and instructions below.

Press Release
THERMALRIGHT® hereby announces that the mounting holes of AM4 and AM5 are compatible, and most radiators can continue to be used. In addition, some radiators need to purchase the AM5 mounting kits, so that our loyal fans can continue to enjoy high-efficiency heat dissipation.

The AM5 upgrade kit includes one set of fixing frame, one set of black plastic posts, and one set of long screws, so the radiator will be installed in the same way as AM4.

Note that there are two types of all installation kit upgrades, as shown.
Step 1: Check what type of mounting kit you have installed? (as the picture shows)
Step 2: Please check if you have AM5 mounting holes. (as the picture shows)

AM5 mounting holes are 54 x 90 mm from center.

Please email [email protected] informing you of the need to purchase an AM5 mounting kits.
Before purchasing you need to provide basic information, including name, phone number and your address. There is an additional fee for shipping the AM5 mounting kits.

Native AMD AM5 Compatibility
The following THERMALRIGHT cooler models are compatible with the AMD AM5 socket given its native AMD AM4 compatibility:
- AXP-100 C65
- TA-120 / TA-140
- Silver Arrow IB-E Extreme Rev.B
- Silver Arrow T6 / T8
- Macho Rev.C / Plus
- Venomous Plus
- HR-02 Plus
- Black Eagle
- Turbo Right Series
- Macho MAXX

- Assassin King 120 Series
- Burst Assassin 120 Series
- TA120 EX Series
- TA140 EX Series
- Assassin X 120 Series
- Assassin King 90 Series
- Ultra 120EX Rev.4 Series
- Assassin Spirit 120 Series
- Peerless Assassin 120 Series
- Frost Commander 140 SEries
- Frost Spirit 120 Series
- Silver Soul 110 Series
- Silver Soul 135 Series
- AXP120-X67 Series
- AXP90-X 36 / 47 / 53 Series
- TRUE Spirit 120 Series
- SI-100 Series
- Frozen Notte Series
- Frozen Magic Series
- Frozen Magic Scenic V2 Series
- Frozen Magic EX Series
- Frozen EYE Series
- Frozen Fusion 360 BLACK
- Aqua Elite Series

Source: THERMALRIGHT Newsroom

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