Thermalright announce new CPU cooler Archon

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Press Release

Heatsinks keep getting bigger and bigger in size, with many different designs and shapes. The needs of larger fans on the heatsinks have evolved, from the earlier 80mm fans to today’s modern 140mm fans.

As the sizes of fans and fin arrays on the heatsink increases over time, interference between the components on some motherboards also increases. Many of you ask about the compatibility between the CPU heatsinks and memory with heat-spreaders, Thermalright will now address the issue and provide you with as complete a solution as possible!

In the past, when an ordinary 140mm tower heatsink is paired with a 140mm fan, fin arrays were not able to cover the whole fan, airflow was thus wasted, to solve this problem, Archon provides an unique combination of 2 types of fin arrays, this fully extends the “air catch zone”, although Archon is thinner in thickness, performance improves with the increase in total surface area, when paired with TR’s exclusive TY-140 fan, it will keep your computer quiet and cool.

About the compatibility issues with the memory slots, 64bit system and ram disk users tends to fill their slots to the max, ordinary memory will have no problem at all (without heat spreaders and below the height of 43mm), whereas memory with heat spreaders can cause problems when installing bigger heatsinks, Archon is here to solve the problem, it will have no problem when memory slots are filled (6 slots or 4 slots).

Archon has the same pressure vault bracket system like its brother the Venomous X, and it also comes with the AMD bracket system, so Archon will be compatible with most platforms,

With its “Mirror Finished Base”, Archon provides friendly installation and quality craftsmanship.

We strongly recommend that you pair the with Archon with the bundled TY-140 Fan, in order to achieve the best cooling performance, but if need considering your system orientation, and need to make an adjustment on fan selection, Archon will be compatible with most 140/120mm fan in the market.

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