Thermalright Introduces TFX Series Thermal Compound

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅14.02.2019 17:50:17

Thermalright presents TFX Series high-performance thermal paste with a highly efficient 14.3W/mK heat transfer capacity. The Thermalright TFX is designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts and high-end users with high-performance multicore processors. The Thermalright TFX Thermal Paste doesn’t require curing time that works at peak performance immediately once applied. It has a long lifespan for long-term maintenance-free use. The TFX Thermal Compound is also non-conductive making it safe for any electronics. The Thermalright TFX is ideal for CPU coolers, liquid cooling, graphics cards, and notebook CPUs and GPUs. The Thermalright TFX Thermal Compound is available in 2-gram and 6.2-gram tubes. It comes bundled with a spatula paste spreader.

Thermal Conductivity Comparison
Thermalright TFX: 14.3 W/mk
Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut: 12.5 W/mk
ARCTIC MX-4: 8.5 W/mk

Thermal Conductivity W/mk): 14.3
Colour: Gray
Thermal iImpedance (°C-cm2/W): <0.0028
Specific Gravity (2500°C): 2.6
Useable Temperature Range: -250°C / +300°C
Electrically Conductive: No

The Thermalright TFX Thermal Paste comes in 2g and 6.2g tubes with an MSRP of $12USD and $24USD respectively. Learn more on the product links below:
Thermalright TFX Thermal Paste 2g
Thermalright TFX Thermal Paste 6.2g

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