Thermaltake Announce V9 Black Edition Case

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Press Release

Thermaltake, the market’s most trusted brand in D.I.Y. computer cases and high-efficiency power supplies, today further expands its global initiative of designing and manufacturing versatile computer case for the gaming and PC D.I.Y market by announcing plans to develop and introduce the market’s first gaming computer case, V9 BlacX – Flex Edition, with an integrated GoFlexTM portable external storage drive docking station.

“With the ever increasing demands in storage expansions, Thermaltake is continuing to offer innovative storage solutions such as BlacX Series of Hard Drive Docking Stations and V9 BlacX Edition with integrated BlacX concept in a computer case where no additional cables or accessories are needed to establish a connection between an external storage unit to the computer system,” said Weller Chen, Product Management Director of Thermaltake North America. “Today, Thermaltake is proud to be collaborating with the industry’s leading storage solution provider, Seagate Technology, to enable a seamless external storage drive connectivity with one of the market’s most popular and versatile V9 BlacX computer case.”

The V9 BlacX – Flex Edition computer case with its convenient external storage drive docking station, based on the newly established SATA Universal Storage Module (USMTM) specification, is designed specifically to fully support any Seagate® GoFlexTM Ultra-portable external drives. The USM specification developed by Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) enables speed, reliability and convenience of volume storage to consumers electronics market and eliminates the need for a separate data cable or power supply.

In addition to the Certified GoFlex Storage System drive docking station, the V9 BlacX – Flex Edition computer case is also designed with dual-bay hard drive docking station conveniently located on the top of the case allowing user to hot-swap bare hard drives without the need for an external hard drive enclosure or having to install the bare drives on the inside of the computer case. Both the top dual-bay hard drive docking station and front portable external storage drive docking station utilizes the SATA connectivity delivering blazing-fast data transfer of up to 3Gb/s that enables the consumers to instantly share or access the stored contents.

The V9 BlacX – Flex Edition computer case is currently being showcased to press media and industry partners at the 2011 International CES®. Newegg, the second-largest online-only retailer in the United States, will have the exclusive right-to-sell in the United States when the computer case is expected to launch in March, 2011. Additional retail channel distribution information for the global market will be available at launch.

For more information visit the Thermaltake website

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