Thermaltake Offer LGA2011 Upgrade Kits

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Thermaltake are adding LGA2011 support swiftly as the release date for Sandybridge-E draws ever-closer and, in a move that should prove popular with recent buyers of compatible coolers, will provide free upgrade kits as well. Support for the upgrade kit is limited to the following products in Thermaltake's range:

* FrioOCK
* Frio (other models)
* Contac 39
* Contac 30
* Bigwater A80
* Bigwater 760 Plus
* Chaser MK-II LCS
* Level10 GT LCS

Thermaltake LGA2011 Upgrade Kit

The company also provide a good explanation of why these upgrade kits are required:

Among various physical attribute changes, the most notable difference is that there are no “pass-through” holes for the mounting mechanism. On the LGA-1155/1156 and LGA-1366 motherboard, the mounting retention would pass through the motherboard and be retained by either plastic push pins or a variation of backplate and mounting screw combination depending upon the cooler used. With the LGA-2011 socket, the main load mechanism to retain the CPU in the socket also has threaded tabs which are where the cooler will be mounted. This will require a change to present cooler mounting for compatibility and Thermaltake has a solution to ensure enthusiasts can upgrade to this socket with just a minor hardware change.

LGA2011 vs LGA1366

Source: Via Press Release

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