Thermaltake Offers Free LGA 1700 Upgrade Kit for All CPU Coolers

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅01.11.2021 23:15:46
Press Release

Thermaltake announces full compatibility with the latest 12th generation Intel Core processors and the Intel LGA 1700 socket for all its active CPU cooler products. Also, all Thermaltake TOUGHAIR and TOUGHLIQUID coolers will come bundled with an LGA 1700 socket mounting accessories to support the new Intel platform. Thermaltake will be providing free upgrade kits to users. Users will simply need to contact Thermaltake, see instructionsbelow.

"Thermaltake users are mostly PC hardware enthusiasts and love to experiment with new PC tech products and get the best performance," said Kenny Lin, Thermaltake Founder & CEO. "An excellent CPU cooler is an essential component to a high-performance processor to ensure the best performance. Thermaltake AIO liquid coolers and Air coolers are now fully compatible with Intel® Alder Lake processors," he added.

How To Request an LGA 1700 Socket Mounting Kit

Intel Alder Lake desktop processors utilize a new socket, LGA 1700, which has more pins and is more prominent in size than the previous editions, will require a new mounting bracket to be compatible with the existing Thermaltake coolers. In the pursuit of creating the perfect user experience, Thermaltake TOUGHLIQUID and TOUGHAIR are ready for socket LGA 1700 out of the box, and the LGA 1700 bracket is included in the package. Meanwhile, users who have already purchased TOUGHLIQUID and FLOE RC liquid cooler can contact Thermaltake to receive an LGA 1700 free upgrade kit. Thermaltake Customer Support can be contacted by the direct line at +1 (800) 988-1088, live chat, or via the request form here.

For more details about Thermaltake LGA 1700 compatible cooling products, please visit Thermaltake.

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